Our Story


Fükitt is correctly and phonetically pronounced [foo-kit] or [fyoo-kit].  (Don't believe us?  Enter "fukitt" and see how it is pronounced in several text-to-speech software:


    Fükitt is an inspirational brand with the mission to inspire and motivate people to live life without regret and accept challenges that are worth the risk. Everyone knows the concept of living life to the fullest but the problem is that it is simply human nature to take things for granted, which is why most people complain continuously about Mondays, traffic, and weather.

    People have argued that they can live life to the fullest every day but not only is that impossible, it is unhealthy. What do they do when they experience a tragic loss or disaster? The idea of living life to the fullest persuade us not to be bothered or influenced negatively by any situation, so we force ourselves into feeling happy, which often leads to abusing drugs and alcohol. Instead, we believe that we should embrace the pain to be able to appreciate the pleasure.

    Most of us don't need to be convinced to think more positively, we just simply need a reminder.  For example, how do you feel when a friend or relative passes away?  We all get a sense of gratitude for our lives and often decide to live life a little bit better, only because we were reminded to appreciate our lives more. But this feeling is temporary and we all find ourselves complaining about situations again...until the next reminder, such as having a friend get into an accident, or seeing someone else less fortunate than you.

    Our goal is for our brand to act as a reminder.  We hope that every time you wear our apparel and see our brand, you will be reminded to stop complaining about your life, to take life a little less for granted and to take more risks when it's worth it.


    Suicide Prevention Awareness RibbonSince our mission is to inspire and motivate people to live life and take risks, it only made sense that we support Suicide Prevention Awareness. Ricardo J. Zulueta, Jr., the founder of Fukitt, has personally experienced the loss of his oldest brother from suicide, which is why we are genuinely passionate in our mission.  We are not just riding on the mainstream idea of "living life to the fullest" but Fükitt is actually an extension of the founder's personality and experience, which makes the brand truly authentic.

    Our Company theme color is TEAL since this is one of the colors associated with suicide prevention.  We believe that it is our duty to get involved in this fight because it is something that is very awkward and difficult to discuss.  Ricardo uses his experience from the loss of his own brother to suicide and provides awareness for suicide prevention.

    Our goal is not only to prevent suicide but to influence and change people's mentality and perspective about life that often leads to depression, anxiety, and other mental issues that prevent them from achieving the ultimate goal...to be happy.


    After the founder's experience with the loss of his brother from suicide, he learned that the suicidal tendencies are not directly influenced by our situations. We are mostly influenced by our perspective. It's the reason rock stars are committing suicide while homeless people are struggling to survive.

    The way we try to change your perspective is that even though our brand is pronounced [foo-kit], we remind you of the phrase, "fuck it". We deliberately named our brand to remind people to say, "fuck it", but altered it phonetically to prevent it from being publicly offensive.

    There are millions of motivational quotes and stories online and thousands of brands promoting inspirational mottos or messages, like Nike with "Just Do It". The difference is that these mottos or positive quotes are merely suggestions. They are meaningless unless you make a decision to do something.

    "Fuck it", is a phrase we say to ourselves ONLY UNTIL AFTER we've already made a decision, which is the impetus that initiates everyone's ambition to pursue success and achieve happiness. We say it to confirm that we are going to commit to, or follow through, our decision. This is how you quit the job that you hate, start your own business or go on vacation instead of waiting until you're 65 years old.

    If you don't make a decision...nothing happens. But when you do, everything will automatically follow with actions.


    From the beginning, Fukitt clothing has captured its audience with the distinct edgy image that has set us apart from the rest. The more innovative your cause, the more it goes against tradition, so the more likely you are hit by a windfall of disapproval and complaints. But we are a company based on sound principles and backed by a committed group of people.  “It’s not the goodness or badness of the name in an esthetic sense that determines the effectiveness of the message.   It’s the appropriateness of the name, ” says Al Ries & Jack Trout in their book, Positioning.

    Our mission is to inspire and motivate people to live life without regret and accept challenges worth the risk. This positive and infectious mentality is one of the main reasons for our fast growth. Our company has been successful because it is built around a passionate belief in a certain concept and a brand that fits that concept. This belief is the foundation of our business.

    We have grown with loyal supporters from our audience across the world, all sharing the same attitude of living life to the fullest and taking risks. We don’t promote a specific lifestyle; we promote a mentality. The "fuck it" attitude just may be the one quality that gives you that “edge” over most ordinary people.  We also differentiate ourselves in that we support and back-up our mission with our website, creating a community that reflects the "fuck it" concept. Our audiences are attracted to our message, inspired by our image and therefore relate to our products.

    The people wear our clothing proudly because it represents a sense of personal being and not because of marketing or popularity. What do the clothing companies you wear stand for? We stand for living life without regret and accepting challenges worth the risk...

    JackAbout our staff 
    Our team is comprised of great people with diverse backgrounds and college degrees. We all share the same mentality to motivate and inspire others...which is why we're involved with the company! Most of our marketing is done with college students, graduates, and other people just spreading the word.

    What makes us unique 

    "While brands like BillabongO'NeillVolcom, etc. are doing increasingly well with a strong 'buy-in' to surf culture, it is becoming more about 'fashion' for people who couldn't give a damn about surfing and therefore weakening the underlying credibility of those brands with those who seek it.  They fast look like they are 'selling out' to a young consumer who hates conformity.

    In terms of credible urban brands, therefore, it is relatively thin on the ground.  Volcom, Quiksilver, etc. have retrospectively gone after the surf, skateboard, BMX market from a purely commercial perspective and it is proving difficult for them to translate overtly strong surf values and twist them to be relevant to the inland, urban market.  Of course, on the West coast and Florida, people know or were part of the organic connection between surfing and skateboarding.  But to a kid who has never seen a wave in his life, those roots are more or less irrelevant.  Add to that the fact that skateboarding, BMX, etc. are independent cultures and it increased the difficulty for these brands to get the foothold that they would like in urban/tribal markets.

    So, to that extent, these brands do not offer something strong enough for the skateboard, BMX consumer who also sees urban music as an integral part of his life.  There is, therefore, a gap in the market for a brand that can satisfy the criteria.  I think that the brand architecture that you are developing for FUKiTT is on the nail, and there is a love for the potential offensiveness of the name, which is extolled by these urban kids, not ignoring the message that you are sending out, which is totally where these kids are coming from too.  Your surf involvement comes with the equal measure of skateboard credibility and that is what is lacking in much of your potential competition."

    -- Calum Richardson, Marketing Professional


    Our logo is the asteRISK!  In the beginning, Ricardo's father suggested decreasing the potential offensiveness of the brand being associated with the phrase, "fuck it".  Typically, we would replace the "u" and write "F*ck" with an asterisk when we try to censor ourselves but his sister, Reena Zulueta, recommended that we put an asterisk to replace the letter "K".  That's why you can see a "K" in the logo. Ricardo tried it but it didn't make sense to maintain this image with every design.  So, he decided to extract it but he realized that the removal of the asterisk symbolizes the mentality we are trying to project by being proud and taking the risk instead of trying to censor something that is only offensive if you deliberately mispronounce it.  And so, the Fükitt logo was born!