Sales Rep and Sponsorship Application

FUKiTT has become very popular throughout the world mostly from word of mouth from different events and help from our fans and supporters. Now, we're asking for more help to increase our exposure and spread the word about Fukitt Clothing!  If you truly believe in our brand and our message and would like to get involved in helping us expand, please apply with the form below!


You must first CREATE AN ACCOUNT to be included in the system to earn points for discounts and free gear for your efforts.


Show us your love for the brand by posting this picture below to your social networks and let us know in the application where you posted it. This will give us an idea of your posting style and how influential you really are with your friends, family and followers. Click on the image for bigger dimensions.


Complete and submit the application below.

**NOTE:  Please do not ask for a SPONSORSHIP and mention how much you "love" and support our brand if you don't own any of our apparel.
Based on your potential exposure and background, you will be eligible to be a member of these different groups:  Ambassador Family, Bronze Family, Silver Family, Gold Family or Platinum Family.


  • Sponsorship
    We are looking to be a clothing sponsor to anyone who might have a lot of exposure and talent that can really help push us to the next level with their connections or social media presence.
  • Sales Representative
    We are looking for professional sales representatives with experience who are looking to expand their current product lines to help get Fukitt Clothing in local shops.
  • Events Coordinator
    We are looking for people who have the skills and connections to help us organize and coordinate events at local venues to increase exposure for Fukitt Clothing.
  • Promotional Rep
    We are looking for supporters who are willing to help us with traditional forms of promotions with social media posts of pictures and videos, posting flyers, and distributing flyers or stickers.