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Our brand has become popular throughout the world mostly from word of mouth from our fans and supporters. If you truly believe in our brand and our message and would like to get involved in helping us expand, please register below!

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If you're interested in getting sponsored, you MUST fill out the affiliate application first! You will see a link to the sponsorship form on your affiliate profile Info page. As a sponsored affiliate, you will receive all the benefits of affiliates and more! Below are the types of sponsorships available.

Fukitt Clothing | Team/Influencer Sponsorship

  • Team Members/Influencers
    We are looking for anyone who can enhance our brand with their endorsement or who can provide a lot of exposure to really push our brand to the next level with their connections or social media presence.

Fukitt Clothing | Suicie Prevention Walk

  • Fundraisers/Events
    We want to support people organizing events to raise funds for a good cause. It could be a donation to a charity, a fundraiser for someone who deserves a little bit of financial support to accomplish their dreams or coordinating events that increase exposure for our brand.

Fukitt Clothing | Retailer

  • Wholesale Sales Representative
    We are looking for people with sales experience or connections to help get our brand in local shops. Sales reps receive a commission from retail accounts every time they purchase merchandise from us! You will have the responsibility of maintaining a good relationship and updating retailers with new apparel collections.

Fukitt Clothing | Artist Collaboration

  • Collaboration
    We are working with different people or brands who are interested in doing collaborations with our brand to receive royalties for their exposure or work. For example, artists can provide designs, a professional athlete can promote their own signature apparel, or a company can produce a product with our brand.

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