Ambassador Family

You are part of the Ambassador Family!  We have developed a points reward system uniquely packaged for each individual to ensure that our sponsored family members or affiliates know how they can earn their rewards.  However, our sponsorship agreement will vary with each uniqe individual based on their skills, background and overall exposure.

Please make sure that you create an account so that we can provide you with points to redeem on our website for discounts or free apparel!

Exposure Points Pride Points Referral Points Maximum Monthly Points Wholesale Points*
25 10 100 500 3,000


For every unique post on your main social media outlet, you will earn 25 Points.  Each post must also include our username/handle associated with our brand AND the hashtag #.  For example, an instragram quote must include @fukittclothing AND #ambassadorfamily, NOT JUST #fukittclothing #fukitt; a facebook post must include a link to our Facebook Page AND #ambassadorfamily, etc.  Because we can't reward you if we don't know about your posts!


As an extra incentive, your posts with you actually wearing our apparel in pictures and videos will earn an extra 10 points on top of the exposure points!


Your friends will receive 15% Off their first purchase. You will earn 100 points for each friend who completes a purchase...  CLICK HERE TO REFER YOUR FRIENDS NOW!


You will automatically earn your maximum limit of 3,000 points for each retailer who completes a wholesale purchase, on top of all your earned points.  *This is not capped by your maximum monthly points!


Because of the diversity of our family members, we definitely reward you with any unique opportunities for exposure.  For example: tattoo artists representing our brand at tattoo conventions; a skateboarder entering contests representing our brand; a model getting their picture wearing our brand published in a magazine.  We want to reward you, big or small, for your efforts in helping us grow.  Just let us know by providing some kind of visual proof of exposure so that we can grant you a reward!


As a Platinum member, you have a maximum limit of 500 points per month that you can use to redeem at any time or to accumulate your points and earn your reward at a later date.

Points Reward
1,000 $25 Off Orders in Internal Collection
1,750 $50 Off Orders in Internal Collection
2,750 $75 Off Orders in Internal Collection
4,000 $125 Off Orders in Internal Collection
5,500 $200 Off Orders in Internal Collection
7,250 $300 Off Orders in Internal Collection
  • How do I redeem rewards?

    First, you need to be signed in to your store account. Rewards can be redeemed through the Rewards Redemption Page which can be accessed through the Rewards Widget located at the bottom of the store.

  • How do I use my rewards?

    Rewards are issued as coupon codes. Remember to apply the reward coupon code on the payment page during checkout.

  • What is the Internal Collection?

    These are all the apparel and accessories produced in bulk quanitites for inventory that are available for our loyalty rewards system.

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  • Contact Us

    Please contact us about any potential upcoming events, feedback about our brand, or about any ideas or concerns.