[Video] Blocking Negativity to Improve Mental Health

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[Video] Blocking Negativity to Improve Mental Health

Thinking Out Loud [Live] Episode 12

In this episode of Thinking Out Loud Live, we invited Emily Adams, who is a life coach, inspirational speaker, and writer who is passionate about helping others find their happiness.

She was born and raised in the Amish culture who had the strength to leave everything she had ever known in her entire life. She has also endured the experience of leaving an abusive marriage and becoming a single mom.

As a full-time and employee and parent, she was able to graduate from college. Afterward, she was introduced to a healthier nutritional lifestyle and powerlifting, which helped build her self-esteem and motivated her to pursue her mission in finding true happiness.

Learn more: https://www.emilyadams.net

This episode was made possible by Start Day One, a non-profit foundation for mental health and suicide prevention, which has a different approach to helping people by proactively reaching out instead of reactively waiting for mental health issues or suicidal tendencies.

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but with your help, we can inspire people to start day one and make a new ending.

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