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So many people are experiencing a lot of anxiety about the future, the loneliness from the quarantine and depression from the pandemic and they're not taking advantage of the benefits of being in nature to help prevent these mental issues. In this episode of Thinking Out Loud Live, we have invited a guest, Morgan Wellinger, who is a strong advocate of spending time in nature to maintain better mental health. We're going to discuss changing your perspective about the quarantine lifestyle and some healthy activities you can do that can actually help you deal with some of the mental health issues....

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Anxiety, Depression, Thinking Out Loud -

People need to understand that mental health is similar to maintaining your physical health, which is a never-ending process. Everyone knows to think positively and to follow all the motivation content we see every day to prevent mental issues, the same way that everyone knows to eat a healthy diet and exercise to prevent obesity. Yet we still see a lot of people who are overweight and people are still experiencing bad mental health. We invited a guest to discuss his personal battles and experiences with mental health issues to help our audience who might relate to similar circumstances. If you...

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Live, Loneliness, Start Day One, Thinking Out Loud -

We are all experiencing a lot of stress, anxiety, and depression from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, where we are dealing with the loss of our income, experiencing business losses, coping with the change of our lifestyle, being lonely or worrying about the future of our situations. The negative mental health effects of the pandemic are going to be catastrophic. The coronavirus may affect the elderly more but did you know that suicide is already the 2nd leading cause of death with young adults? Loneliness is one of the biggest catalysts of suicidal tendencies so this will potentially increase...

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Thinking Out Loud -

One day, I found myself complaining about every negative thing that was happening in my life. I thought about my mistakes from the past, my frustration from my expectations, and the limited time about my future. I know it's is not very uncommon for anyone to do this. But my situation is a unique because my mission for my brand is to inspire and motivate people. I asked myself, "Who am I to tell people to stop complaining when I find myself complaining randomly all the time?"

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Mission Statement, Thinking Out Loud -

On this episode, I discuss the birth of our mission statement and how we came up with our mission statement for our brand. It's very important to have a mission statement because it explains and provides your purpose for your brand or company. Everything you do should follow this mission to prevent yourself from losing your focus.

We actually started out as a website and then eventually evolved to become a clothing line. I intended to just provide content online for people to enjoy and show ourselves having a good time and just hoping that people will be entertained by our experiences. As a young dude, I was visiting different college campuses on the East Coast.

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