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Thinking Out Loud Live | Episode (BLANK) In this episode of Thinking Out Loud Live, we invited Stuart Lordan as our guest to discuss his experiences in taking the steps to sobriety and achieve his dreams for a better life. Stuart Lordan is a husband, father of 4, property investor, and someone who had to deal with issues of alcoholism for many years. Stuart worked in the corporate world for a very long time but was never satisfied with the life he was living. After having struggled for many years being unhappy working for someone else, Stuart made the move...

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Thinking Out Loud Live | Episode 23In this episode of Thinking Out Loud Live, we invited Maureen Scanlon to learn about how you can take inspiration from animals to make the most of your life and nurture your relationships.Maureen Scanlon is the founder and CEO of Maureen Scanlon Life Coaching. She is an Author, Relationship Expert, Motivational Speaker, Positive Change Integrator, and Spiritual Coach.She has successfully helped many people from experienced young professionals to mature middle-aged adults and has worked with individuals, couples, and families over the years to make positive changes to overcome past experiences and negative thinking.Author of...

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Thinking Out Loud [Live] Episode 11 In this episode of Thinking Out Loud [Live], we have a discussion with Freddie Bennett about developing an adventure mindset and gaining the skills, techniques, and confidence to do the extraordinary things in life.Just an Ordinary Man. Guinness World Record Holder. Ultrarunner. Ironman. Spartan. Firewalker. Father.As well as being an adventurer who has conquered some of the world’s toughest challenges, Freddie has over 15 years’ experience helping some of the world’s leading businesses define and execute global strategies.He specializes in advising businesses on how to inspire and motivate their employees to change, focusing on...

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