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Fukitt Clothing Happiness

Every once and a while, we meet someone who is trying to work through something. Something that seems so surreal, none of us can even think about going through. This something in particular, I cannot disclose, however, I can tell you that it is nothing like any story I've heard before. When someone is forced into a situation, beyond their control and they have to literally make a life or death decision, in a split second, their life and their families lives are forever changed.

When we met, it was through a mutual friend, and they just stopped by the booth just to say hello. After speaking with them, and telling them what our brand was about and what and why we do what we do, they seemed to "get it" and walked away with smiles and I'm guessing a different outlook on certain things.

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Fükitt Clothing Founders

Yup, that's right folks! I have decided to take a Friday night off from work to go on a date with my husband and go out with friends to a few bars and see a few bands, eat some good food, have a few drinks, dance a little. This, for me, is a very different thing! For those of you who don't know, I still sling drinks behind a bar at a nice steak house. It's something I fell back into after 18 years as a paralegal, and it's something I enjoy. Hustle! That's what we do!

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Okay, here's another tear-jerker for those of you who need a little inspiration...  My husband met this young woman last year at an event which I did not attend. I did get to meet and speak with her this past weekend and here's her story...

A beautiful girl walked into our booth and saw my husband who burst into tears and hugged him like he was her Savior. Apparently, he a way...

I was busy with other customers but I was able to hear some of their conversations.  After I was through, I was introduced to her by my hubby... This girl was ex-military and had suffered a very bad accident and was lucky to be walking. She met Jack last year and bought a shirt and it has changed her life and the lives of her other wounded soldier friends to a point we could never realize. 

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