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Depression, PTSD, Stigma -

In this episode, we want to discuss the stigma that is being associated with mental health. A lot of mental health and suicide prevention organizations mention overcoming the stigma of mental illness because people are challenged by the stereotypes and prejudice that result from misconceptions around mental health. If you've seen our previous episodes, we always condone remedying the cause instead of the result. We want to have a discussion about what causes the stigma if any. Is there a stigma against people's mental health? Is it just an excuse to prevent accountability? What needs to be done around the subject...

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Anxiety, Depression, Thinking Out Loud -

People need to understand that mental health is similar to maintaining your physical health, which is a never-ending process. Everyone knows to think positively and to follow all the motivation content we see every day to prevent mental issues, the same way that everyone knows to eat a healthy diet and exercise to prevent obesity. Yet we still see a lot of people who are overweight and people are still experiencing bad mental health. We invited a guest to discuss his personal battles and experiences with mental health issues to help our audience who might relate to similar circumstances. If you...

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