Inspirational Superbowl with the Philadelphia Eagles

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Inspirational Superbowl with the Philadelphia Eagles

So, I'm pretty sure everyone watched Superbowl 52 last night and witnessed history in the making as the Philadelphia Eagles won their very first Superbowl title! The entire game was great from start to the very last few seconds. It was definitely a nail-biter for a lot of folks. What a perfect story for me to write a Motivational Monday blog!

The quarterback was traded, wanted to quit the game of football and move on with his life. Instead, he went back to his team to play as a backup quarterback. Before the Superbowl, the starting quarterback got injured and he got moved up to starting position where he calmly led the team to win the Superbowl against a 5-time world champion!

Most people in that situation would have choked just knowing they were up against Tom Brady and his Patriots, but not Nick Foles! Even in his interview, after they won, he was calm and collected. (And probably still in shock)!

The Eagles have never really had the best record and I think they were the most injured team in the league. But there were no excuses, no giving up, and no being intimidated by the big fish in the pond in this game!

The Eagles could have very easily finished their season, with all the injuries and all their backup players, feeling like a beaten down team with no motivation. The could have said, "We aren't going to win anyway because our best players are injured." But they didn't!

The Eagles went on to slaughter teams with great records and kept pushing until there was only one victory left to win. It was a big win against the Patriots who has 5 Superbowl rings under the same quarterback; a team that everyone expected to win even until the last minute of the game.

So, when you're feeling like the weight of the world is on your shoulders and you think the other person, business, or company is better than you, remember last night's Superbowl victory over the New England Patriots! Just like the chant for the Philadelphia Eagles team goes, "Fly, Eagles! fly!"

Congratulations to Nick Foles for showing the world about never giving up and making your dreams come true! Congratulations to the entire team, staff, the City of Philadelphia and all the Eagles Fans worldwide! You have all earned it and deserve it!

by Kristen Zulueta
Co-Founder of Fukitt Clothing

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