[Video] Discover the Power of Your Non-Dominant Hand

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[Video] Discover the Power of Your Non-Dominant Hand

Thinking Out Loud Live | Episode 19

In this episode of Thinking Out Loud Live, we invited Esty Rappaport to discuss how using your non-dominant hand can access some of the untapped potentials of the brain's right hemisphere.

She's a photographer who was trying to capture a picture of couples that portrays the best state of their relationship. After many photoshoots, she got curious about what makes people's relationships extraordinary.

From her curiosity, she learned about healing relationships and other mental health-related benefits from someone who discovered the power in our non-dominant hand as a channel that can produce these results.

Through various drawing and writing exercises with your other hand, people can improve their health, develop inner healing powers, and receive greater fulfillment in their relationships.

This episode was made possible by Start Day One, a non-profit foundation for mental health and suicide prevention, which has a different approach to helping people by proactively reaching out instead of reactively waiting for mental health issues or suicidal tendencies.

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but with your help, we can inspire people to start day one and make a new ending.

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