Changing the Way You Think About Money

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Changing the Way You Think About Money

In this episode of Thinking Out Loud Live, we've invited Havana Chikoto to discuss how his startup is radically changing how people think about money.

He is the founder of Bank of Manifesting who has read many Law of Attraction books as part of his personal development journey and the same lessons jumped out at him every time.

It was clear that his mindset played a big part in attaining the abundance that he desired. He needed to have an abundant wealth mindset; one that is optimistic and always expecting the best.

And, of course, he needed to take action towards the achievement of his goals!
As he tried to apply the principles that he learned, he couldn’t help feeling that he needed a tool that could help him along this journey; one that would be easy, fun, and effective all in one!

He remembers looking at his online banking platform and could not help thinking how great it would be if the bank balance were much bigger than what he saw at that moment!

His mind went on a joyous spending trip and it dawned on him....what if there was a tool that looked just like his banking platform?

Would this not make it so much easier to visualize and see himself living a life of abundance? This surely would help create a wealth mindset as he experiences what it feels like to have unlimited wealth.

His "aha" moment was cemented several google searches later when he then came across the prosperity game conceptualized by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

Together with a brilliant team, he set out on a journey to develop a tool that will help him and others in a similar position.

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This episode was made possible by Start Day One, a non-profit foundation for mental health and suicide prevention, which has a different approach to helping people by proactively reaching out instead of reactively waiting for mental health issues or suicidal tendencies.

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but with your help, we can inspire people to start day one and make a new ending.

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