Taking a Night Off from Work

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Taking a Night Off from Work

Yup, that's right folks! I have decided to take a Friday night off from work to go on a date with my husband and go out with friends to a few bars and see a few bands, eat some good food, have a few drinks, dance a little. This, for me, is a very different thing! For those of you who don't know, I still sling drinks behind a bar at a nice steakhouse. It's something I fell back into after 18 years as a paralegal, and it's something I enjoy. Hustle! That's what we do!

I am the workaholic, never miss work, never call out, never late. I only take off dates that I need off for a Fukitt event that it's necessary I attend. So, tonight, I asked if I could have off, to sort of unwinding, relax after all the holiday hecticness, hustle and bustle and take one night to enjoy ourselves before the craziness of events ensues next weekend! Yes, next weekend, we begin once again!

So, tonight, a little dinner with the husband, maybe meet some friends for some drinks, then off to see some friends we haven't seen in a very long time playing with their bands at a local "dive bar"!  YAY! This is a change of pace for me and I cannot wait. It seems like forever since I've actually had a Friday night off to go out. Actually, I cannot remember when the last time I did?!?! I'm trying as best I can to get all my paperwork done today so I can start early...ok, well, maybe 7 I'll be done with my work, but that's totally worth it for me tonight.

Moral of the blog today, NO, I'm not telling you guys to take a day/night off work to go have fun; that would be irresponsible. What I am saying here is that, sometimes, an opportunity arises and everything works out and you get to enjoy yourself. Sometimes, you need to take a moment for yourself, do something out of the ordinary, put yourself in a situation you're not used to, and let go. There are a million reasons why I actually NEED this night off, we need this night off, and I plan on enjoying every moment. These are few and far between for people like us and well, it's much needed tonight! So, every once and a while, sit, back, relax, maybe take a day/or night off from work (not often), and let yourself go. Everyone deserves a moment to breathe. If it works out for you, enjoy those moments when they arise...I know we will! 

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