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Thinking Out Loud Ep. 3: It's Impossible to Live Life to the Fullest

One day, I found myself complaining about every negative thing that was happening in my life. I thought about my mistakes from the past, my frustration from my expectations, and the limited time about my future. I know it's is not very uncommon for anyone to do this. But my situation is a unique because my mission for my brand is to inspire and motivate people. I asked myself, "Who am I to tell people to stop complaining when I find myself complaining randomly all the time?" I sat there feeling like a hypocrite. A fraud. And I thought that my day was already going badly. Then I started thinking about different motivational speakers I've come across. How do they...

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Thinking Out Loud Ep. 2: Our Mission Statement

On this episode, I discuss the birth of our mission statement and how we came up with our mission statement for our brand. It's very important to have a mission statement because it explains and provides your purpose for your brand or company. Everything you do should follow this mission to prevent yourself from losing your focus. We actually started out as a website and then eventually evolved to become a clothing line. I intended to just provide content online for people to enjoy and show ourselves having a good time and just hoping that people will be entertained by our experiences. As a young dude, I was visiting different college campuses on the East Coast.

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Thinking Out Loud Ep. 1: Thanksgiving

Welcome to the 1st episode of our new show, Thinking Out Loud, where our goal is to interact more with our audience, discuss philosophical and inspirational subjects, and share some experiences while growing our brand.We launched this show on Thanksgiving to start our show by thanking all of our supporters for giving us love throughout all these years! We will be posting episodes of Thinking Out Loud every Thursday and hope you participate in our discussions.Thank you for watching! We really appreciate it. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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