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Picture of Fukitt Hats from Fametatu

 It's been a while since I've posted a blog...again...  Ugggghh...  I'm trying to get on this a little more but we've just been so busy!?  I know...I really shouldn't be making up any excuses and getting it done.  Anyway, I just wanted to share a quick blog that was written by FameTatu, who we met at Tommy's Tattoo Convention a couple of weeks ago.  It is so flattering when people talk so highly of my brand.  Even though it has been my goal to spread the word, I am still so appreciative of anyone helping me because it's been such a difficult ride so far.

Anyway, below is what they wrote about us:

"Something that stands out to me from my college experience were these words of wisdom given to me by a fellow student: Say No Apologies, Have No Regrets, & Give No Fucks. As harsh as that sounds, it’s a good motto to live by. Because once you stop worrying about what others think and stop apologizing for who you are, that’s when you truly find peace of mind. And that’s when you see the real world for what it is: tough. And that’s when the hustler’s mentality kicks in and you realize that nothing is going to be handed to you; you’ve got to work for it. This epiphany could not have come to me at a better time than my freshman year.

Now fast forward to five years later and I was standing in the middle of Tommy’s Tattoo Convention in Hartford, Connecticut when something caught my eye: Fukitt Clothing. Their stand attracted me because snapbacks are in demand right now and the slogan on them so happened to be the new YOLO. As I walked up with intrigue in my eyes, I knew not to ask too many questions because the adage was self-explanatory. But finding out the motivation for the company whose tagline includes the gems “live life without regret” and “accept challenges worth the risk” was going to be a challenge itself.

But I was shocked to discover the complete opposite; an open and dynamic team that works day in and day out to provide some inspiration to an otherwise dull and unenthusiastic world. What they represent is a movement that has not yet reached its fullest potential, there’s still more work to do and more ears to reach. At the helm of the ship is Ricardo Zulueta, who was pushed after a sibling’s tragic death to help spread some awareness and prevent others from a similar fate. With the odds stacked against them, Fukitt is rising above the underdog title and moving into uncharted territory. The risqué name (which is actually sounded out as foo-kit) and the want to keep succeeding is proving to be a major factor in why this clothing company is winning."

Check out the blog on their website.

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