This weekend's events...

We started off our season with one event in DC a few weeks ago, and it was great getting our feet wet again. This weekend, we have 2 events followed by a very busy schedule just about every weekend through April! So here goes nothing!

First we will be at an Offroad and Truck Show at the Garden State Exhibit Center in Somerset Saturday from 12-6 AND we will also simultaneously be at the Big Brew Beer Fest in White Plains, NY at the Westchester County Center from 4-8 p.m.

The Offroad Truck Show should be interesting in that we are sending a new crew there! Hopefully they learn some things, spread the word and get a lot of sales! Should be an interesting event! 

The Beer fest, well, those are always fun and the master himself will be attending the show and spreading the word about Fukitt.

So there it is in a simple nutshell of what's upcoming this weekend. So, if you're out and about, and feel like checking out some cool trucks and the like or feel like sampling a lot of craft beers, take a ride to either event and come say hello and check out some fresh new gear!  

See ya there! Cheers!


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