Baltimore Scores 7-Year Anniversary

So, it was a pretty fun week...  Last Thursday, we collaborated with Scores in Baltimore to enhance their celebration of their 7-year anniversary party.  Sean, the general manager, invited us to their event after meeting us from another previous event at the Rams Head Live in Baltimore.  We were introduced by our mutual friend, Rob Ryan, who was running the event.

The event was planned at very short notice but it worked out very well.  We received a very welcoming and professional treatment from Sean and his staff.  They definitely made sure that my crew and I were very comfortable and catered to...  They had a great buffet laid out for all their guests too.

We started the mini-fashion show with our models wearing Fukitt gear on stage around 10:30PM.  We didn't get that many great shots because we didn't have a flash on our camera. It was definitely very disappointing but we managed to capture some good shots with a couple of the girls for a quick photo shoot.

We received a lot of love from the audience who attended the event.  There were many of them who had actually been aware of Fukitt Clothing at previous events or just from people wearing them around town!  We definitely owe a huge thanks to our sponsored band, Pasadena, for helping us spread the word in the Baltimore area for the past couple of years!

It was definitely an awesome event and we had a lot of fun hangin' out with everyone!  You can go to our Facebook Page to view pictures from the event.

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