Going Back to the Old Ways

It's funny how you always hear of stories about how companies change their vision and their strategies for growth.  I've always had to work harder compared to other companies because of the limitations in marketing with the potential offensiveness of my brand.  There were so many reasons I should have quit but there were two main things that have kept me going:

  1. Talking the talk and walking the walk
    Who am I to promote or condone taking risks and not giving up if I were to give up?  It just feels that everything I've talked about to my fans and supporters would turn to bullshit.  So, I got self-motivated by my own message.  I asked myself, "If I was in the position I am today with Fukitt Clothing when I first started, wouldn't I feel more confident about my success?"  And the answer was always, "Yes."

  2. Motivation from my supporters
    I never saw myself being unsuccessful with Fukitt Clothing because of the constant response that I get from my fans and supporters.  I don't have to live in some kind of fantasy of hoping that I will make it because people feed me these ideas of success with their comments.  Even thought I would've felt like a hypocrite for quitting, I also knew that it is also a risk to keep going with a bad idea.  But I find the words from people who I meet from all over the place so motivating!  They inspire me to keep going by letting me know who much they've been impacted by my brand or how they can see the brand being very successful.

    For example, here's a very recent message that I got from a friend of mine:
    "I'm proud to call you a friend brother!! What you've ACHIEVED is anything short of AMAZING!! When I see that brand in different states, it should show YOU how FAR you've come man!! You're a true inspiration to ANYONE who is trying or wants to try making it on their own w/ something DIFFERENT!!! Your the EPITOME of what happens when you DON'T GIVE UP!!! You're an example that I will tell my kids when they're older and they ask me if something is feasible or not!!! Great work Ricardo...great work!!!" -- M. Miceli
As I sat here thinking about all the people who I've influenced and met throughout my journey with Fukitt Clothing, I realized that I haven't really concentrated enough on my connection with YOU!  I used to always tell my stories from each event or just stories of what I was going to do to infect the world of my brand and message.  I feel that I had more of a connection with my following from fans and supporters back in the day?!  In fact, my brother mentioned, "Dude...  Did you know you were already blogging before the word 'blog' was even invented?"

So...  I have decided to put in more time connecting with you.  That doesn't mean that I need to increase my status posts or increase the marketing.  My goal is to increase the interaction and communication with you.  I am going back to the old ways of writing blogs and providing more meaningful content.

Thank you to everyone who have supported me throughout all these years when so many people questioned my chance for success.  I'm glad that I listened to you and not these people who were so afraid of taking their own risk to pursue their dreams.

Live life without regret and accept challenges worth the risk...


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