Thanksgiving Greetings

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Happy Thanksgiving!

We just wanted to send you an email on this rare occasion to thank you for your support for our brand. It's a very common phrase for anyone with a following to say that it would have been impossible to do this without you but it's true. Because you are the main motivator that has made me keep going througout all these years!

In the beginning, most of my friends and family questioned my decision to pursue this business venture with Fükitt Clothing. I understood where they were coming from though since I probably would've done the same thing! Haha! I just had this stubborn intuition that I can succeed with this brand. There were plenty of times that I almost decided to give up but people, like you, kept me motivated to keep going!

You were my confirmation that there is something unique about our brand and that we truly are making a difference in people's lives. You have truly given me purpose that goes beyond financial success. So, thank you...for believing in me...and truly supporting our brand and our message.

Make Sure to Express Your Gratitude

Last year, I posted a blog about expressing your gratitude because of a video that I encountered randomly while searching online. It stated that one of the greatest contributing factors to overall happiness in your life is how much gratitude you show.

Anyway, we would like to persuade you to call any special someone and express your gratitude for them. We know that you've probably posted something on your social networks showing your gratitude but it's a truly different experience when you express your gratitude directly towards someone. I know it's weird because I felt very awkward doing it last year!

Just tell them why you're calling them and how they have affected your life and how they've helped you become the kind of person you are today. You will be surprised about how much happier you will feel just by simply letting someone know this. Trust me...I'm already feeling awkward about doing it too! Haha...

Thank you again for your love and support! We sincerely appreciate all of it!

Ricardo J. Zulueta, Jr.

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