3 events and One Hectic Weekend!!!

Yup! Just like the headline says, we somehow managed to pull together 3 completely different events, in 3 locations last weekend...here's a summary of our hecticness...    

The Inked Out New Jersey Tattoo Convention at the Meadowlands was a 3 day event, and Jack and our new rep Mike Gesso attended. These guys had a slightly rough beginning, as when they pulled into the convention, a very large, muscular man was in their awesome space, well he looked scary to ask to move, but, he finally went back to his proper place and Mike and Jack moved our gear in. 

These guys were SWAMPED from the first second the doors opened..on all 3 days! People from everywhere, getting the Fukitt mentality itch and loving our gear! We made LOTS of connections at this events, and managed to grab 2 wholesale accounts, as well as a few celebrity tattoo artists endorsements. The one artist next to our booth sported a different t-shirt and hat every day. Our new rep Mike Gesso is a smooth character and after just 2 events, he is a like a seasoned veteran...it's amazing what happens when you do something you love and understand and makes you happy..this kid is on fire!

3 days of long hours, the guys were beat, but had a blast and everyone who walked into the booth, left with something...again, our message is getting out there!

The Atlantic City Tattoo Convention at the Tropicana was another 3 day event. Myself and Kara attended this event. Pulling up, to girls with all this "stuff" and no clue where we had to go, no one to help us, kara goes looking for some answers, while I sat at the loading dock. She turns the corner and says, "I found a cart and it comes with a guy"! Being cute helps sometimes, as this little old man brought all our gear directly to our booth for us, and we just followed..sweet! Score 1 for the girls team!

Thinking it was going to be a busy event, we got ready quickly...than we sat...and sat...and sat. The event on Friday was very slow, but we managed to break even for our booth space, so that was a plus, and knowing we had 2 more days, we knew it had to get better. There were lots of celebrity artists there, as well as our sponsored artist and good friend Ty Polotta from Premium Blends Tattoo. They were in a booth across from us and we got run back and forth and chat and watch Ty tattoo some people.  Then, the Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo walked in! Yup, her husband was scheduling an appointment for some new ink...everyone was hoping she would walk up to them and just start yapping about something, but she didn't, however, she was SUPER friendly when I asked to take her picture!

Anyway, day 2 was busy thankfully, and Kara and I managed to sell a good amount of gear and spread the word about Fukitt and what we are about. We figured that 95% of the people who came into our booth, bought something after we told them what we were all about. Again, not complaining about getting our message out there!, Day 3, was a little slower than Saturday, but again, we infected the hearts of many with our message!

Das Best Beer Fest, Timonium Fairgrounds, Maryland..Sales Reps Matt Falks and Rich "RedBeard" Harrington attended this one day event on Saturday. Boys, beer and ladies decked out in "St.Pauli Girl" attire...they boys were having a blast! From the second they popped open the Fukitt tent, hey had customers needing to know what was up. They didn't even have any gear out yet and people were buying things right out of the bins! The guys had a very productive day getting our word out to lots of newcomers to Fukitt and our mission. They were so busy they didn't even have a chance to sample some of the beer at the festival...bad for them, great for Fukitt! thankfully they day went smoothly, and the boys are stoked to do yet another event as soon as possible. 

All in all, a hectic weekend, had a lot of promise, a lot of hard work, and a lot paid off. We infected thousands with our message and inspirational thoughts, and learned a lot. We can do this, we will do this, we have to do this...the World needs this.1 event at a time, 1 store at a time, 1 life at a time...Fukitt!

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