Valley Forge Tattoo and Hot Rod Convention

OK, so this blog is a little late, but like they say, better late than never, right? Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, when I just think of anywhere in PA other than Philidelphia, I think Amish and horse drawn buggies, for some unknown reason. Well, No horse and buggies or Amish here! This was a Hot Rod and Tattoo Convention...needless to say, we were surrounded by awesome street rods and tattoo artists from all around.

We started our day pulling into our vendor spot in our 2010 GMC Terrain to unload our gear...the event seemed a little slow at first and we actually forgot to move the truck. Needless to say, there sat our not so hot rod during this entire event. Strangely enough, no one even commented about it?! But thankfully, we were positioned next to our good friend, sponsored artist and 1st place winner of several tattoos this weekend, Ty Polotta from Premium Blends Tattoo. Ty, his wife Robyn and their 2 little boys kept us all entertained during this very slow, but profitable enough weekend.

There were a lot of new faces and a lot of people who were very taken by the Fukitt mentality and purchased gear. We are doing what we have intended, even if the event wasn't the busiest of events, we still were able to get our message out there, and if we helped one person, we did our job.  

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