Das Best Oktoberfest (Oxon Hill, Maryland)

Sexy Frauliens and men in Leiderhosen...well what else can it be but a Beer Fest, and none other than one of the many "Das Best Oktoberfests"! Way down in Oxon Hill, Maryland, was last weekends festivities for the Fukitt Crew.  Having a 4 hour drive each way, I wasn't completely thrilled, and praying it would be a great event, and thankfully, it was amazing!

On a beautiful Saturday, we set up the Fukitt booths and started our day. Typically, people are simply attracted to the name and wander over to see what's up. As always, they get intrigued by the message behind the brand and the stories we have to tell, and as usual, leave with some sort of purchase.

There was a girl who was at the beer fest and loved everything about Fukitt so much that she volunteered to help sell and spent at least an hour or more helping out in the booth, spreading the word and selling gear, when she could have easily been drinking away at the festival with her friends and boyfriend! 

Frauliens, Frauliens, Frauliens!!! They were everywhere, and they surrounded the booth and, well, who would be complaining about having these vixens around! Friendly, sweet girls, voluptuous ladies, decked out in awesome outfits, made the boys day! OK, and there were guys in Leiderhosen, but I don't think anyone cared too much about slightly tipsy men all looking like "Clark W. Griswold" in National Lampoon's European Vacation!

Needless to say, beer, sexy ladies, and Fukitt, who could ask for a better event? Fukitt was once again, well received by the people of the Town and we hope to be infecting people everywhere with our message! Haben Sie vielen Dank!

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