Pasadena CD Release Party

When I say "Pasa", you say "dena"...."Yes, yes, ya'll"...that's what I'm writing about...the band Pasadena. An awesome group of small town guys from Pasadena Maryland, who touch the lives of all with their down to Earth, heartfelt lyrics and sound. Our sponsored band hadn't produced a new CD since 2008, so when they told us about their new cd and the release party, we were all over it! 

On Friday, September 14, 2012, at Rams Head Live in Baltimore Maryland, the show began. Numerous bands came out to play and show their love and support for the boys. In their normal humble personalities, the boys from Pasadena walked around, taking in the vibe of the night, which was uplifting and powerful. The Fukitt booth, perched in just the perfect position to see everything going on, watched as the excitement in the club grew. Lots of love from the people in Maryland, and the Pasadena fans seem to all want to know what Fukitt is about, because the band members are always sporting our new gear, and they, in turn, support Fukitt.

By the time Pasadena took to the stage for their big debut, there was literally a sea of Fukitt hats and t-shirts and hoodies being worn throughout the club. The new music was amazing, the room was brimming with excitement! The band threw out a lot of shout-outs and at the very end, thanked Fukitt for their years of support and sponsoring them and always being there for them. I must say, it was a powerful night.

As they start their "Nowhere Fast" tour, we wish the boys a safe, prosperous journey...Fukitt will be seeing you along the way, supporting you guys as always!

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