Preparing for the MAGIC Tradeshow

We have been so busy just trying to prepare to exhibit at the MAGIC Tradeshow.  Everyone in the clothing industry knows how big this event is...where the buyers and sellers of small and big companies come together.  I've done other tradeshows before but I've never exhibited at this one.  As we mentioned in our previous blog, we had originally applied to exhibit in the POOL section of MAGIC.  The account executives there approved us for the Street section and they are very insisting that we belong there.

We've never even attended the event as a spectator so we really have no clue what to expect.  We're not sure if they are only taking advantage of our ignorance of the show or if they are truly marketing geniuses who know really know their buyers' behaviors.  The Street section is significantly more expensive but we definitely expect to gain more traffic.  We just feel very intimidated by the idea of being in this section because we will probably be surrounded by nationally established brands.

We were debating on whether or not to proceed with exhibiting at the tradeshow because we felt that we are not established enough to compete at that level.  But of course, the "fuck it" attitude overwhelms our worries so we said, "You know what...let's just fuckin' go for it.  Maybe they're right and we get acquainted with the right connections."

For the past couple of weeks, we have been creating different designs that we hope will be attractive to buyers.  We developed a variety of styles that might cater to different venues.  We've been very hesitant in acquiring accounts because we didn't feel that the industry was ready for our brand...but times have changed...and we're hoping that we're finally introducing ourselves to the masses at the right time.

I believe that the market segments are definitely changing.  Not only has the extreme sports consolidated their cultures but new companies are incorporating lifestyles that overlaps into and from the urban culture.  Back in the day, there were people who felt very uncomfortable fitting into a specific culture because they didn't want to be called "posers".  Today, we don't really have that anymore because these cultures have integrated into one broad culture with multiple interests.

We are definitely hopeful that this is true because we believe that we provide a truly universal brand that can transition into several markets without being tagged as "selling out".  We hold true to our belief and mission of inspiring and motivating people to live life without regret and to accept challenges worth the risk.  We don't stray away from our core beliefs and people find our brand very authentic.

It's only a month away and we're still not sure about how we plan to design our booth to enhance the awareness for our brand.  We are just finishing up the line sheets now, which contains pictures and relevant information for each design.  We still have to order stickers and other advertising specialties to provide as free give-aways.  We were going to take some professional photo shots of models wearing Fukitt Clothing for our look book but we're just going to wing it with some pictures with a regular camera.

Anyway, we'll definitely keep you guys informed of our experience about everything going on with Fukitt Clothing.  We truly appreciate your support and we are going to need as much help from you more than ever!

Live life...

Ricardo J. Zulueta, Jr.

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