A New Year with a New Attitude

Well, another year is upon us and we plan on making some very big moves.  Since the beginning, people have told me not to pursue Fukitt clothing due to its potentially offensive name, which they thought will never appeal to the mainstream distributors.  I've always thought that distributors don't have the power to choose what consumers want, it's the distributors who must cater to what the customer wants.  I've always known that people were very attracted to my brand and that it was going to be a difficult challenge to grow my clothing line.  

I'm not going to lie...  There were plenty of moments that I felt discouraged and almost gave up.  But I was always re-ignited by my fans and supporters by telling me their stories about how strangers comment on their Fukitt shirts in random places or how the "fuck it" attitude that we promote helped them through rough situations.  In my self-motivational pep talks, I said to myself, "Who am I to promote taking risks and not giving up and then giving up on my pursuit of growing my clothing company?!"

I've experienced so much and learned a lot throughout all these years and I'm glad that I have the perseverance to keep going...because things have changed a lot in the past decade.  I remember when I couldn't even pass out flyers at a dive bar just because of the name of my brand.  Now, I'm able to post flyers and huge banners at public events that promote Fukitt Clothing.  I always thought that I promoted an authentic image about living life to the fullest.  Back then, there were no "lifestyle" clothing companies or at least the industry did not have that category in place yet.

Today, there are mainstream distributors that carry clothing lines with extreme images, which I feel is so much worse than the potential offensiveness that my brand might portray.  For example, I've seen apparel that say, "Fuck the world" or images of lesbians kissing each other.  It's funny that distributors thought that my brand was offensive when I promote a more positive message than most of the brands they carry.  It was only offensive with their choice of pronouncing my brand name as "fuck it" because that all goes away when it is pronounced properly and grammatically as "few kit".

Anyway, I love that the tolerance of potentially offensive brands have now gone mainstream because I feel that I can finally penetrate into the shops feeling even slightly conservative.  Their perception changes dramatically when they find out exactly what our mission is for our brand, which is to inspire and motivate people to live life without regret and accept challenges worth the risk.

We are going to take you guys through this fun ride as we attempt to finally acquire retail accounts across the nation!  Our first move is attending the MAGIC tradeshow in Las Vegas in February.  We've created plenty of designs and we will be hiring sales reps to gain small retail accounts in other areas.

This is going to be a very exciting year for us so I hope we can rely on your continued support to help us grow and spread our message.  We look forward to keeping everyone in the loop with the challenges ahead...  Thank you again for all of our supporters.  We REALLY couldn't have kept going without you.

Ricardo J. Zulueta, Jr.

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