Are we in right category for the MAGIC tradeshow?

So, we are going to be attending the MAGIC Tradeshow for the first time in February 2012.  We originally submitted our application to be approved for the Pool Tradeshow, which I thought was meant for up-and-coming companies but not very established companies.  We have been approved by the exhibitor account executives to be in the Street section.  We argued with them that this might not be a good fit because we saw ourselves to be more related to the action sports culture, which is the S.L.A.T.E. section, which is described as "curated gathering of the most progressive streetwear labels representing the underground surf, skate, art and music communities—from indie to established."

I understand that Fukitt clothing represents a lifestyle that overlaps into other cultures and market segments but I just don't understand why they keep insisting that we should be in the Street section.  I know that there are apparel companies in that section that are not a typical urban clothing line, like Hart and Huntington or Famous Stars and Straps, but how do I fit in with this more than the extreme sports culture?

I believe that Fukitt Clothing has only been an extension of myself and my lifestyle.  I grew up skateboarding and have always surrounded myself more with people within that culture.  Even though I am very open to listening to urban style music and people, I find myself just more comfortable around the surf-culture or lifestyle.

However, I do know that my brand has a better chance of relating with the urban market based on Calum Richardson's insight:

"VolcomQuiksilver, etc. have retrospectively gone after the surf, skateboard, BMX market from a purely commercial perspective and it is proving difficult for them to translate overtly strong surf values and twist them to be relevant to the inland, urban market.  Of course, on the West coast and Florida, people know or were part of the organic connection between surfing and skateboarding.  But to a kid who has never seen a wave in his life, those roots are more or less irrelevant.  Add to that the fact that skateboarding, BMX, etc. are independent cultures and it increased the difficulty for these brands to get the foothold that they would like in urban/tribal markets."

We are still hoping to be placed in the S.L.A.T.E. section but if we end up in the Street section, we are going to proceed with confidence and hope that we have a higher success rate based on the expertise of the exhibitor account executives.  We'll definitely keep you guys informed as to what we experience at this tradeshow.

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