Mountain Mayhem 2012

This is one of the best snowboarding/skiing trips on the East Coast.  Jay Peak mountain gets hit with the most snow on the East Coast and is one of the tallest mountains.  The best thing about the trip is that it's affordable!  For only $419, you get 5 nights in a slope-side condo, which means that you can basically ride from the top of the mountain straight to your door!  You can take a break at anytime to rest, eat, take a quick nap, etc.  You also get 6 days of lift tickets!  The average price of a one-day lift ticket is probably $60 on any mountain.  If you multiply that by 6 days, that's already $360...but on this trip...we're including a condo all week for just another $60!

There is a kitchen with everything you need so you can cook your own food to save even more money!  There is also a washer and dryer so you can always have clean clothes on the trip.

If you're a beginner, it includes FREE LESSONS!  This is the best way to learn how to snowboard because you are going for a week straight instead of going once then going again a week or a month later where you would have to re-learn everything again!  For the intermediate and advanced riders, you guys are going to love riding in the glades.  It's not as cold in there and you get a lot of fresh powder!

And then on top of all that, there's a new water park that just opened up!  You can check out the video below...  It's always summer time inside the indoor water park with slides and a flow wave...surfing time!!

Well, we hope you decide to get on this trip!!

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