Printing In-House

We've recently decided to print all of our merchandise in-house and there have been so many great benefits already.

  • Creativity
    We are now able to create what we want, whenever we want!  We listen to our fans and supporters about new designs or get their feedback before we print any upcoming designs.  If we see that something is not selling, we can simply discontinue it or get more feedback and see if a simple change of colors might do the trick.  We can experiment so much more on what colors we want to use or where we would like to have the designs on the shirts.
  • Lower Costs
    We have lowered our costs of printing by 50% which gives us the ability to re-invest more of the revenue back into the business.  We have to take into consideration our labor into making the shirts but it's still more cost effective.
  • Retained Capital
    We used to have to purchase a shit-load of shirts just to take advantage of better pricing from bulk-purchases.  Now, we are able to print only what we need, when we need them.  That means we only spend the money on the shirts that we need and use the capital for other things such as marketing and advertising.
  • Production Efficiency
    If we have a big event coming up, we can now evaluate the demand for that specific event and print only a specific quantity.  We can also produce designs that might be more relevant for an event.
Anyway, we're really excited to bring our fans and supporters new designs and really create Fukitt Clothing that they will be proud to wear.

Thank you for always supporting us,
Fukitt Crew

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