Potential Sponsor of 'Set It Free'

We just wanted to give some exposure to a band, Set It Free, who might be interested in getting a sponsorship with Fukitt Clothing.  We think it's so cool that bands, athletes, and other groups and individuals contact us to provide support and want to be sponsored by Fukitt Clothing.  We love to support bands, like Pasadena, because these are people who are really trying to pursue their dreams.  It's a very difficult journey to gain popularity for their music.  They really live the Fukitt lifestyle of taking risks.

Anyway, we received this email from one of the band members and thought we'd share it with you guys...  They seem to be progressing with their music but we definitely need to see if they really are going to support Fukitt Clothing and the message we promote, instead of the incentive of only trying to gain exposure.

Anyway, let us know what you think of them!

Fukitt Crew

Whats up Ricardo,

My name is Joe DeAngelo. I play guitar in the NJ based Pop/Rock band called, SET IT FREE.  We love Fukitt & Risky Clothing and all the good that you guys do! We would love to link a sponsorship with you guys!

Joe DeAngelo
Brick, NJ 08724



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