The World Over - Sponsored Band (Music Video)

We have had the opportunity to "get to know" the rhythm guitarist, Xavier Moreux of the band The World Over. Xavier first approached us a while back with his story and how Fukitt Clothing inspired his life, changes he made, and the happiness he has in his heart. 

Here's a little bit of his story straight from an e mail he sent us:

"I am a big fan of your brand, and not just because of what it says but what it means to me. Let me tell you a part of my story: A year ago, when I discover your brand in Vegas... I was in Los Angeles doing my audition at The Los Angeles Music Academy. I was, back in those days, an Ingeneer in a big company and living in the south of France. I always wanted to be a professional musician and touring all over the world with a band. That's why, one day, I woke up and decide that was enough, I quit my job, went to china during 3 months at the shaolin temple to try to find what I really wanted in my life an trained with the shaolin monks who teached me kung fu . After that, I took my decision to change my entire life forever and begun to live my dream. I train so hard with my guitar and left the country to try to audition for this Music College . 

It was something really big to me, I wasn't even sure about where I was going. And about 10 months ago, I receive a letter which told me that I was accepted and The Music College was waiting for me. Then, without even locking behind me, I left my country, my family, my friends, my fiancee, and all the things that I had to come here in Los Angeles and begin to try to leave my dream....So you re gonna tell me why am I telling you all of that, It s simple, YOUR BRAND helps me everyday to stay motivated and follow my path and for that I want to thank you so much. I apply for a sponsorship from FUKITT on your website, and I want to tell you why: I want to spread YOUR WORD, everywhere I go, I already have some tee shirts, sweat shirts and hats from FUKITT... my entire school is calling me "MR.FUKITT" . It's just because i am always wearing your gears. I want people to be ready to do what I did In my life and stop thinking about all the small bad things that can happened to them. Life is beautiful and it has to be living 100% and I think your brand is a good way to remind people to follow their path and live their dream.I hope this wasn't too boring to read And I hope you ll read it until the end ( i am sorry for my bad English but I begun to learn it when I came here ) I would like to thank you to helping me to change my life and make it better and live my dream".

NOW, let me ask you that a story or what?!?! Truly inspiring to me, and anyone who hears this story! This young man graduated from the music college, got married to the love of his life, a/k/a "Pony Pie", and is living his dream, playing in a band and touring all over. Those are some serious moves and we are so happy to have helped inspire him! Please check out their newest music video, "Swervewolf", and look to see the members sporting out gear throughout! We cannot thank you enough for your support of us! We wish you the utmost success! 


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