Two Great Events Last Weekend

This past weekend, Fukitt Clothing took part in not only one, but two great tattoo conventions, one being in Long Island and the other at the Meadowlands. Needless to say it was hectic and busy and fun all the same.  I personally wasn't at the show in Long Island but Reena, my sister in law, and Ryan went to handle it.  And handle it, they did! They were met with dozens of supporters, friends, who are family to us now, and fans from past years.  We heard so many interesting stories.

Both Ryan and Reena decided to get tattooed while they were there! Work hard, play hard, I guess! The United Ink Cradle of Aviation is always an interesting show due to the fact that it's an aviation museum! Dozens of airplanes, space stuff, fighter planes, basically anything that has to do with aviation and history is there. It is such a fun place!  There are a lot more to see and do, other than tattoos and vendors.  There are live art displays and even a place for the kids to get "fake tattoos", which are done by tattoo artists with markers! Everyone was welcomed and was part of the experience. Last year someone even got married at this event! Jackie and Lou Rubino of World Famous Tattoo Ink always put on a great show and we couldn't thank them enough for their efforts!

As far as the Meadowlands event goes, well I can write forever about it! The Inked Out New Jersey is an amazing event, put on by wonderful people, Mario Barth and Dan Lorenzo, who I can't thank enough for all their efforts in putting on a first class show!

I personally didn't make it for the first day, but typically, when a Friday is busy, the rest of the weekend usually is too! It was a busy show all 3 days! I'm guessing it's partially because they did it right!  Most conventions believe that they can gain more people with more hours for the event but it actually deters them.  This show's hours were from 4PM to 10PM on Friday and it was so packed, they were 10 people from capacity! The Saturday show hours were from noon to 10:00PM. Most tattoo conventions stay open until midnight on Saturday, where the vendors and artists get tired from lack of sleep, and then end at 10PM on Sunday, where most people don't attend because they have work on Monday.  Again, I can't thank the staff enough for taking a lot of things into consideration and making it a great event for everyone!  They even hosted an after partywith tons and tons of amazing food, beer, sodas and water for everyone!  It was even completed with two bonfires going to keep us all warm under the tents!  Again, I can't say thank you to these guys enough for such a wonderful, first class show!

We were met by some great people, who shared their stories with us.  Some recently lost someone to suicide, some knew someone, and some were survivors. We are humbled by your stories and thank you for sharing and supporting our cause! All in all, we both had great events, spread the word about Fukitt and our mission.  Hopefully, we inspired at least one person to live their life without regret and accept challenges worth the risk!

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