Hanging out with Bikers all weekend...

Bikers, bikinis and beaches! Oh and HEAT! Lots of HEAT...Sticky, humid heat!!!   Yes, last weekend was filled with these things at the Roar to the Shore Motorcycle Rally in Wildwood, New Jersey. Friends, new faces and old were attending this event and passed by our booth to find out what we were all about considering we really don't fit in to the "biker" scene. We actually don't "fit in" to any particular scene, we fit into them ALL! That's what makes us special, we are about life and living it! Everyone has a battle or struggle, whether they are a biker, surfer, doctor, accountant, construction worker, housewife, etc., and we are there to inspire and remind them about living their life without regret.

We met a lot of amazing people who had a lot of stories of suicide, attempted suicide, illnesses, divorce, widows and widowers, and even someone who was dealing with a homicide, but all were inspired by our words and thankful to hear them. They are why we continue to do what we do...to hear their stories of hardship and heartbreak, and to help them walk away from our booth with their heads held high and a smile on their faces, a little weight lifted off their shoulders, is why we will never stop doing what we do. Meeting new friends along the way is a wonderful thing and we are grateful for meeting all of them.

It's always nice when someone who has ever heard of us, sees on the event's website that we are going to be there and looks us up prior to the event. They seeks us out and when they finally find us they come with knowledge and stories and praise for our mission and cannot wait to grab some gear to spread the word!  And sometimes even better is when someone already knows us and has our gear and can't wait to grab more because they love the feeling they get when they wear it.

There were a lot of wonderful things going on this past weekend, a lot of really nice people who welcomed us non-bikers with open arms and allowed us to inspire them and took with them our words. It proves that "fitting in" with one group really means nothing...we are all the same..humans, people, all with problems, and struggles, but all in all, we are the same...we may look different on the outside, skin color, hair color, eye color, our clothes, race, religion, what we like and dislike and whatnot, which makes us all unique, but we all breathe the same air and have blood that flows through our veins..we all require food and water to survive...take away our color differences, race, religion and likes and dislikes and we are all the same...we all need a little more Fukitt mentality on our lives. 





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