Roar to the Shore Motorcycle Rally....

Bikers, beer, beaches and bikinis? This coming weekend Fukitt will be attending the Wildwood, NJ Roar to the Shore motorcycle rally.( This will be our second time attending this event and we're excited about it! We're excited about it because a motorcycle rally this isn't our typical event and we've only done this once before. Now, my husband has a motorcycle and we get in a few rides a year, but nothing like these enthusiasts! 

The end of Summer is basically here and now that the Summertime holidays are over, the beaches are a little less crowded...until this weekend! Wildwood, New Jersey is a tourist attraction for it's beautiful beaches, bars and shopping. Families have been coming to this area for generations! Now with most kiddies back at school, Roar to the Shore will attract thousands of people from all over the Eastern Seaboard for this free, 4 day rally!  Tents will be popped up all over the town, food vendors, clothing vendors, motorcycle vendors, radio stations, models, tattoos, body piercing, helmets, bike gear, shoes, and jewelry to name a few things that will be on display for sale! There will be exhibitions of people on bikes doing flips and tricks and all sorts of crazy things I could never imagine doing!

We here at Fukitt Clothing have a motto to live life without regret, which seems to fit in perfectly with the biker mentality. They truly live their lives to the beat of a different drum. Freedom, out on their own, wind in their hair and no regrets about the past. When my husband got his bike, it was either a hot tub for the house, or a bike for him. Well, we chose the bike and haven't regretted it at all. Bikers come in all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life, which is why we fit in well with them. You have your stereotypical "biker" who rides with, a group or "gang", (not even sure if that's what they are called) and they have their leather and their colors and names on their vests, etc., full of tattoos with long hair, but these guys are usually the nicest people you'll meet, if you give them a chance. Usually they have a cause they ride for such as cancer, child abuse or animal abuse. I'm down with those guys! And then there are the weekend warriors, doctors, lawyers, and professionals of all kinds, who let their hair down, show off the tats they have and are free on the weekends to ride and enjoy their lives before going back to the grind on Monday morning. There will be the "Ninja" style biker groups hanging out, usually the younger crowd, more "hip", but no less loving riding every chance they get! Dirt bike riders who just love getting muddy and doing all sorts of tricks!  Then there are folks like us, people who have bikes, ride upon occasion, don't fit into any stereotype about bikes or bikers, and just enjoy going out for a break to clear our heads and relax a little. For us, Fukitt fits into every bikers lives, in that we are not a biker line, tattoo line, surfer line, extreme sports line, or anything line, other than an inspirational line to motivate people to enjoy and live their lives. This is why Fukitt can vend at all sorts of events and we fit into all walks of live and categories.

We look forward to 4 days of fun in the sun, surrounded by fun folks, enjoying heir lives and living them to the beat of their own drum!!! Like we always say, "it's not a lifestyle, it's a mentality"!

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