Labor Day weekend festivities....

Labor Day has already come and gone, so sad that Summer is "officially" feels like it just started! Where does the time go? Oh, wait, I know...we're adults now and it's spent working, working and yup, you guessed it, more working! But hey, if you have goals and dreams that's what you do!

We spent our Labor Day weekend driving almost 5 hours into Boston and working a long 3 day event at the Boston Tattoo Convention. Wonderful event, filled with the usual suspects, who have become friends and family to us, and new and old faces that were drawn to our booth and inspired by our words. As I stated in my last blog about this event, Boston seemed to have a lot more stories of suicide than most other events, and nothing was different this year. Strange to know how many people who know of someone who did, just did or was a survivor themselves,coming out of good ole Beantown. Not sure what's going on up there, but, I'm glad we were there spreading the word. We definitely made an impression on a lot of folks and hopefully inspired some to "keep on keeping on"....

The event wasn't only filled with sad stories, it typically had it's fun! There were contests of all kinds, and performers doing off the wall things and bikini clad ladies trying out for the Miss Boston Tattoo Contests...that was fun!

On a lighter side, after our three day event was over, we took an extra day for ourselves and went to visit some dear old friends who just had a baby. It was inspiring, after hearing so many stories of suicide and people taking their lives for granted to see a new life in this World. Life is precious and delicate and a gift. Take a moment, breathe, relax and just let it go...whatever it is, it really isn't THAT bad...Fukitt!

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