A sad week, but ending it with love...

I truly didn't want to get on the "bandwagon" and write something about what everyone I'm sure figured I would write about, considering what we do for a living and what Fukitt is all about, after the suicide of actor/comedian Robin Williams. I didn't want to "glorify" something so tragic and give any more attention to it than what was already given online, on television, etc., etc, however, for those of you who don't know, in our hometown, a young man, who was loved by so many, took his own life only a few days after the loss of Robin Williams. 

I personally did not know this young man, I knew of him, his name and would recognize his face, but I didn't know him. (Kind of how I feel about Robin Williams in a strange way). However, most of my younger friends knew him, some from as far back as elementary school, some more recently, but nonetheless, they were all severely affected by his passing. It pained me to see them all so distraught and confused by his tragic death and my heart goes out to them and his family. 

At Fukitt Clothing, our mission is to inspire people to live life without regret and accept challenges worth the risk..we promote suicide prevention and it's our main cause and what we donate to annually. For those of you who also do not know, one of my husband's brothers committed suicide, which is why we are so passionate about the prevention of it, and which is why all of our shirts have positive statements on them, to act as a reminder to people that it COULD ALWAYS be worse! No matter how bad you think it is, someone, somewhere, woke up in a far worse situation then you and would probably give their right arm to be in your position rather than theirs. 

At these sad times, we must look to what we have, the simple things, and not look to find an answer as to "why" these tragic things happen...we will NEVER know, no one will..the only person who actually knows is the person who is no longer here. So rather than look for reasons or try to make sense of it, or even understand it, embrace it, learn from it, and know that everyone has their own demons and issues and everyone handles things differently. It happened, terrible things happen everyday. Accept it, keep the memories and love alive in your heart, and be kind to one another. No amount of tears you shed can change the events that have happened, so embrace it, breathe and know that for whatever their reasoning, it was their choice and they didn't mean to hurt you or anyone else. They wouldn't want to see you in pain, if they did, they probably wouldn't do what they ultimately did. I'm sure they would want to see you celebrating your lives and happiness and successes and love for one another.

People who are suicidal suffer from many, many different things that can trigger such an act. We try to remind everyone that they are here for a reason and that it truly could be worse. We get testimonials and hear stories every day on how Fukitt and meeting one of our staff or us has changed and saved their lives. Please go back and read a few of our blogs, a lot are accounts of how we here at Fukitt have saved lives. That's why we do what we do...if we could help out only one person, we did our job, and we already know that we have, so for that I believe we are truly successful and blessed. Here is a link to 2 very emotional stories for us...



In ending this sad week for so many, many of which I love deeply, (you all know who you are), know that we are here for you, my husband is by far better at this then I am, and would be willing to talk to you guys about this and help you get through it a little easier. I know he spoke to our one friends and she said, "your husband is an angel, he helped me so much, I really wish everyone could have heard what he said to me"...well, know he's here for you all, anytime, day or night...

A bunch of us are getting together for our annual canoe trip this coming Sunday, and I'm sure it will be filled with some tears, a lot of laughter and a lot of healing. Love one another, be kind and NEVER, EVER be afraid to call out for help, lean on someone, cry to someone, vent to someone or whatever...we would all rather you here and a little sad or depressed and help you through it than not have you here at all...you are loved!!!



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