Wild time in WIldwood, NJ

So, okay, it really wasn't a wild time, but I like the way the title sounded! Anyway, this past weekend was the WIldwood Tattoo Bash, as well as the Southern Maryland Crab and Beer Fest...We split our team and did them both, which turned out to be an exciting, fun, long weekend with, for me at least, lots of hours driving!  First, the main man headed South to Wildwood early Friday morning to begin the typical 3 day tattoo event. Everything seemed to be going smoothly there, other than the hotel being, well, let's just say sub-par...LOL..(So glad I wasn't staying there)!

Then at the butt crack of dawn (5:00 a.m.) my sister in law and I left for our 4 hour drive to National Harbour, Maryland, one of my personal favorite places to vend at. Such a small, quaint, clean, fun little town filled with wonderful people and a great vibe! We set up and start our day which is broken up into 2 sessions of crabs, beer and fun! As usual, it too started out a little slow, then once everyone got their fill of crabs and beer, they started coming by the booth and getting inspired with our words and mission. It was a great day session! A little 2 hour break, wherein we decided to lay right on the concrete (we threw a Fukitt banner on the ground) and take a much needed nap!  Session 2 brought much of the same and our words inspired many and touched the lives of a few who have been personally affected by suicide. I specifically remember one girl who was found and saved by her partner, and now is recovering with her love by her side, taking it one day at a time. They were both so moved by what we were doing, they bought hats, shirts, hats, wristbands and stickers! We are truly blessed to be part of your story.

So, after a wonderful, busy, HOT day in Maryland, we wrap it up and get back on the road about 10 p.m. for yet another 4 hour drive to WIldwood to meet the man and give him the rest of our gear for him to sell there on Sunday. We arrived at the 5 star hotel (NOT) about 2 am, and well, I really have nothing to say...except some places should be just burned to the ground...LOL...this place was a gem! Anyway, we thankfully checked out early enough in the morning and headed to the convention center for the last day of the tattoo bash.

We were met there by m,any friends and people who have become a second family to us. Our words were inspiring to many and it turned out to be an amazing weekend. We cannot thank everyone enough who made it all a success.


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  • Hosam

    No one can tell you how painful it’s going to be beaucse everyone has a different pain tolerance. I found my tattoo behind my ear to not hurt at all except when I got it touched up it hurt a bit. The first go around, it felt more like tickling than anything. Because it’s such a small area, anything you put back there is going to be small my tattoo probably took less than 15 minutes (it’s a music note) and I think even if it had hurt that it would have been such a short tattoo that it wouldn’t have mattered. When you take a shower you just need to be ware of it and make sure your shampoo and conditioner don’t trip onto it beaucse the fragrances in it can be really harmful. It wasn’t that difficult but it was just something I had to focus on.

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