What's been going on?!?!

Okay everyone, it;s been a hot minute since I've blogged,and I apologize for not keeping you all updated on what's been going on in the Fukitt World! Things have been that busy around here, with lots going on and amazing things to come, there hasn't been any time!!! There is no excuse for my not blogging, and again, I apologize...

So here's a little brief update on everything that has happened in the past month...

Fukitt ventured out to Chicago to the Exxxotica Convention, which is always a great time!  We met a lot of new interesting, lovely people who were inspired by our words and mission. It was nice to be off the East Coast for once to see what the "middle" of our Country felt. Seems like our mission really is for everyone, no matter who you are, where you live or what you do for a living!

We were also at the Asbury Park Visionary Arts Tattoo Convention for the 3rd year in a row. Now for those of you who don't know, Asbury Park is basically the another awesome beach resort town next to our hometown. Al of 25 minutes away, we can never pass this event up! It was a great event, and we truly felt the love as usual! S much so that we inspired a guy to get Fukitt and our mission tattooed on his body! (This makes 10 people, I think)!!! Not only did he tattoo it on his body, but it was his entire chest!! WOW! Thank you for the passion and the love!

We also had our 14th Annual Liver Killer Bar Crawl in our hometown of Seaside Heights, right on the Boardwalk, 6 bars in 8 hours, and much of it's proceeds supported suicide prevention.We can't thank everyone enough, some who haven't missed one of our Liver Killers ever, for all the support and love and a successful day of fun, sun, and great times with great people!

Last minute, even though we were hoping for a free weekend to catch up on paperwork and some rest, we decided to go see what the buzz was about at the Southern Maryland BBQ Competition! YUM! Well, other than the first day of rain, the event proved to a great festival, and a lot of love, as usual from our folks down in Maryland! We were glad they were able to squeeze us in last minute (as in 2 days before the event) and appreciate the support that came from this first time event!

Sooooo, that's a really brief, "what's been going on" in the World of Fukitt Clothing the last month! I promise to not be a slacker in the blogging area again! Thank you to all of our supporters, friends and Fukitt Family for coming along on this wild ride with us!!!







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