Happy 238th Birthday America!!!

Land of the Free, Home of the Brave...that's who we are. America, one of the youngest, yet probably the most powerful Country on Earth. Living here is a privilege, not a right. Living here means you are free, free because of the lives of the brave men and women who have sacrificed their health and many their lives for us. Us, meaning me and you, yes you. Whether or not you believe in the person and/or people running this country or the policies and things going on, whether you're a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Conservative, whatever you are, the heart and soul of this Country, the backbone of it, belongs to those who have served and currently serve in our Armed Forces. 

This weekend, is a National Holiday, and I know everyone is off for probably 3 or 4 days and everyone will be at a barbecue, the beach, on a mini vacation, watching fireworks, eating and drinking to the point of gluttony, but remember why you're celebrating and why you have the ability to celebrate this Country's freedom. It's the men and women who fought and continue to fight for this Country. Selfless acts; they do what they do for you and me, people they don't and will never know. Let me tell you, it's more then I have ever done for this Country or my fellow Countrymen! I'm not quite certain I could or would go to a foreign Country and fight a battle, leave my family and loved ones, risk my life, all so that everyone at home, stuffing their faces at a barbecue, drinking beer, singing and having a grand old time, can continue to have a grand old time; and usually, with little to no thanks at all from anyone for it.

So, before you start enjoying your weekend celebrating with family and friends, relaxing and eating, drinking and watching fireworks, remember why you are able to and that the fireworks our brave men and women are hearing this July 4th, are not the kind that look beautiful and colorful and make different flower or fun patterns in the sky, they are of things that we will only see on television, the kind that are meant to only harm, and not to give anyone simple viewing pleasure. So if you see a Veteran, a Wounded Warrior, someone, anyone who served, stop a moment, and THANK THEM! For they are the reason you actually can!  

Happy 238th Birthday and God Bless America! And if any of you don't like this blog, you can politely, go to hell and please, take this opportunity to get the hell out of my Country! You don't deserve to be here!








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