A weekend in Brooklyn...

Last weekend Fukitt Clothing was vending at the Urban Tattoo Convention in Brooklyn. I didn't have the pleasure of going, but my husband and sister in law went and I got to hear all their stories...

Though Brooklyn may have a stigma of being a rough neighborhood, it has always shown Fukitt a lot of love and respect and we always seem to find it filled with some truly amazing people! The event was filled with celebrities in the tattoo industry, Al Fliction put the show on, some of you may know him from the hit TV show Ink Masters, Al always supports our brand and rocked a tank on the first day, some of the crew from Black Ink were on hand and they too always rock our hats! The event was filled with people who have become family to us, tattoo artists and their families, who support us and our cause, and rocked some old gear they already had, and a lot bought some fresh gear to wear! The always beautiful Inked Angles were there as well, smiling and making everyone happy to see them! Lots of body painting on hand as well for those who weren't ready for permanent ink, they were able to try some art, temporarily! 


Fukitt was met by Mr. Fukitt, Sr.! That's right, my father in law happened to be in Brooklyn for his and his college classmates birthday, and they even stopped by the show to say hello! 

Our crew met a lot of wonderful people who were kind enough to share their stories about life, struggles and their pursuit of a better life by embracing the bad, learning from it and moving on. It is always so wonderful to hear great stories, it encourages us to continue doing what we are doing. We are making a difference, slowly, one person at a time, but we are making a difference to those we meet. Thank you all for all the love and support...Brooklyn, we'll be seeing you again real soon!

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