Brooklyn in da house!!!

That's right! Brooklyn! Fukitt Clothing will be at the Urban Tattoo Convention this upcoming weekend! 3 days of insanity at this convention! I haven't had the pleasure of going last year, nor will I get to go this year, but, I've heard so many funny, and amazing stories!

Last year we had the opportunity to meet some of the reality stars from Black Ink, who sported out clothing on their show! We made a lot of new friends at this event and are thankful for those friendships! Some were cooking up some delicious food, some were tattooing, some getting tattooed, some were just hanging out! But this place seems a lot like a party and full of surprises! There were bulldog puppies, and pitbull rescues, body painting competitions, people skateboarding everywhere, the Inked Angels, and a lot of old friends too! At this event last year, our sponsored tattoo artist Jonny Metropolis (who has Fukitt tattooed on his head) tattooed Frankie Oneshot, a friend and amazing tattoo artist, with Fukitt on HIS head! (see photo above).

Last year, we had some interesting things happen at this event, and this year, we're hoping for an "uneventful" successful event! Can't wait to hear the stories and see the pictures of all the craziness and fun our team has this year!

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