Baltimore weekend fun!

Last Saturday Fukitt Clothing was at the Chesapeake Crab and Beer Festival in the Inner Harbor of Baltimore. I personally didn't go, my husband and sister in law went, but here are a few stories and photos from this wonderful event.

As usual, Fukitt was greeted by fans who knew us from the past, and by newcomers to our brand. Some of which looked us up online while standing in line waiting for the gates to open. Isn't technology wonderful? One kid, heard we were going to be there, rode his bike to the event, and told us he came simply because he heard we were going to be there. He had my husband sign his hat!! Awesome! How inspiring to know that we've touched a life like that! 

 Maryland in general, always gives us a lot of love, and this event was no different. It's so great to see how this all evolved from a "surf/skate" brand to a "lifestyle" brand. I would have to say that more than half of the people who buy our clothing are not the youth of today (18-25) but in fact older people who have lived their lives and understand our messages. They usually in turn, buy clothing for their children or "youths" that they know. Our demographic has changed from 18-25 to 10-75! Our brand covers so much about life that if truly fits with everyone. Not just surfers or skaters, doctors or lawyers, professionals or blue collar workers. It hits home with everyone, and I cannot thank everyone for all the support and the love you show. 

We will be back again soon in the Baltimore area, but til then, thanks a million...we love you all!

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