The World Over...

Here's a quick update about our sponsored musician, Xavier Moreux, the rhythm guitarist of the band The World Over, formerly known as Speakers of Infamy. Xavier is taking his band and heading "across the pond" back to his home of France for a big show. For those of you who don't know anything about Xavier, here's some quick information about him. You will see quickly why we chose to sponsor him.

Xavier was a trained engineer, living in the South of France, working for a big company, but always dreamed of playing in a band and travelling the World with that band.  One day, he woke up, quit his job, packed his bag and went to China to live in the Shaolin Temple for 3 months, where he was taught the art of Kung Fu by the monks there, on top of many other things. WOW! He trained very hard and got an audition to go to a music college in Los Angeles. He got in! But, he had to leave his country, his family, his friends, his fiancee..everything to come to America to live his dream...and he did!

He graduated the music college, his fiancee came to America, and he is playing in an amazing band, touring all over and working with a record company! Amazing! Sounds like a dream come true!

He tells us that Fukitt Clothing and our mission keeps him motivated everyday to keep pursuing his dream. He wants others to learn from what he did and, stop thinking about the small bad things and follow their dreams. He says life is beautiful and it has to be lived 100%.

And THAT my friends, is exactly why we adore Xavier, his dream, his passion, and his outlook on life! We can only wish him continued success and happiness and to continue to life the Fukitt Lifestyle!

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