Crabs, Beer, Baltimore!

Fukitt Clothing will be attending the Chesapeake Crab and Beer Fest in Baltimore's Inner Harbor this Saturday! Crabs..YUM!, Beer, not a huge fan, but nothing is better with crabs than an icy cold beer! of my favorite cities!!!  I mean who wouldn't be happy with a line up like that?!

This is the first the festival is actually at Inner Harbor and I can't wait to see the turn out! Maryland has always shown our company a lot of lovin', so this should be a fun filled show with a lot of familiar faces. Myself, being a one time die hard Ravens fan, lover of the color purple, crabs and the water, Baltimore just makes sense to be one of my favorite places to go.

Saturday will start off with the usual 3 hour drive to Inner Harbor, set up, and await the festivities. People from all walks of life will be there, eating crabs, drinking and dancing and having a simply wonderful time. Two sessions will fill the day and make time go by fast, with a short break in between so everyone can catch their breath, fix their booths, rest a minute, grab a bite (crabs of course) and get ready for the next session of craziness!Can't wait to meet new people and hear their stories and spread the word about our company and our brand and our mission! See you there!! 

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