Liver Killer 2014 COMING SOON!!!

That's right ladies and gentlemen! Fukitt Clothing's Annual Bar Crawl, the "Liver Killer" is on for July 19, 2014!!  Pirate themed like last year and will continue to be pirate themed every year from now on! Seaside Heights is the place to be on July 19th!  Click here to check out our pictures from last year!

If you have never been on our bar crawl, or any bar crawl for that matter, here's how it works. A bunch of friends and strangers all get together and wear the same shirt. They all meet at a specific time at bar #1, get a check mark on your shirt that you made it to bar # 1, hang out, play games and drink for an hour or hour and a half, and they all "crawl" to the next bar. (No one is driving, these bars are all in one general location, some do bicycle though).  We pick contestants randomly by their tag # given to them to enhance interaction with other people instead of sticking only to their circle of friends.

We typically pick 3 male and female contestants to go against each other.  The 1st place winners will basically get bragging rights.  The 2nd place winners will get a planned punishment, like getting handcuffed to the 2nd place winner of the opposite sex, wearing a silly costume, etc.  The 3rd place LOSERS will have to "walk the plank", which means they will get drowned with cups of water from every member of the event!

Everyone invades bar #2, get a check mark proving you made it to bar #2, drinks for an hour to an hour and a half, play more games, different ones, and then move on to bar #3, repeat this process about 8 times and see who makes it to the end! 8 bars, 8 hours was the way it was! If you made it to the 8th bar you were one of the few! It's funny to see random people wearing their Liver Killer shirts of years past, and people still making fun of them because they don't have all their check marks!

Now, by the name, I'm sure some people will be offended and think we condone people drinking a lot and partying and misbehaving. So, not the case. The name is catchy and it stuck! We ask that people drink a lot of water and eat food long the way. We try to be as responsible as possible!  In fact, this event actually helps promote Suicide Prevention Awareness!  We are very strong advocates of this cause because of the founder's experience with the loss of his brother from suicide.

This event, is an annual event for over 10 years and will continue to be for a very long time! It is an event we and a lot of people look forward to. It's a day of friends, fun and laughter, dancing and singing and just relaxing. Like I said, if you'e never been to one before, and are thinking of trying one out, this is one of the biggest as last year we had over 200 people and hope to break that number this year! Come be a part of an annual Seaside tradition with the crew and friends of Fukitt Clothing! We are encouraging everyone to wear a pirate costume somehow with the Liver Killer shirt..prizes will be given away!! Come have a great time with us!! See you there!

We always attempt to gather everyone for a group picture but we always get stragglers losing their way!  Let's try and get EVERYONE in this year!

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