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So, last weekend we were at the Beer Bourbon and BBQ event in National Harbor Maryland. All I can say is "thank you" for the love! This small little city of National Harbor is not only beautiful and classy, but they give us a lot of love as well. We were surrounded by tons of people buzzing about Fukitt and what we are about. From old customers sporting our gear to newbies who immediately put it on, we had a blast and cannot wait to go back in a few months for another upcoming event.

This coming weekend, we will be expanding our horizons, and vending at a fitness expo in Long Island. We've been asked a lot by customers when we were going to get into this field, so we had a free weekend, and found this event, which is local enough, so off we go! Kinda feel like we need to hit the gym hard this week beforehand, but 4 days isn't going to do much, now is it?! But we will be there will bells on spreading the word about Fukitt! Not really sure how this event will be for us in that we don't actually have "workout" gear, but perhaps just a little inspiration will go a long way with this crowd! We will find out...

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  • Eduardo

    That is lovely! Too bad my hair is too short at the moemnt for braids; gosh it’s probably in grade school where I last sported this ’do. Oh but the possibilities with braids :-) Quite new to the bloghood and stumbled upon your lovely spot here; full of inspiring and yummy tidbits!

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