How We Should Be Celebrating Mother's Day

If you were like me growing up, Mother's Day was just another family gathering day where I was obligated to spend some quality time with my Mom.  It felt almost like an obligation and a burden because I was more concerned about how much time I don't get to ride my skateboard or make plans with friends.  That's a typical role that most children play; like a teenager pushing away when the Mom shows public affection.

I always tend to mention to people who approach us about our brand that it is human nature for all of us to take life for granted and that includes taking people for granted.  We don't really appreciate who we have in our lives as much as we should.  These family holidays get so commercialized that we tend to feel that quality time means getting gifts and sacrificing your good time for someone else.  We are brought up to think that Mother's Day means that it is just her "day off" from everyday responsibilities and she becomes the family "boss" for the day.

I think we need to change our attitude about these family holidays.  For example, on Mother's Day, our focus is always mostly on how we can make our mothers feel for the day.  I mean I understand that it's all about trying to help our mothers enjoy their day but I feel that it is better celebrated by actually focusing on the idea that this is a day for each one of us to appreciate the day with your mother...not the other way around.

I know that some of us grow up trying to make our parents proud and sometimes we might find ourselves unable to speak to them as much as we really want...until you've "made it".  It's a time when you just set aside any animosity, shame or anything that might be ruining your relationship...and just spend the very limited time that you have with your mother all day.

I lost my Mom two years ago and I spent every mother's day with her without any complaints but I never took advantage of spending the time appreciating everything about her.  We seem to only do this when someone is already gone.  I no longer have the opportunity to talk to her about past memories or thank her for everything she has done for me.  She knew I love her...but I didn't realize how much I really did until she was gone.

So, spend this day with your Mom...not as a time to please her...but as a rare opportunity to really appreciate them when they are sacrificing their time from their busy schedule of being a Mom to spend time with you.  Enjoy every second you have with your Mom...not to please Her...but to indulge yourself with the scarce of quality time you have with Her.


"I love you, Ma...and I miss you very much..."X

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