Beer, Bourbon and BBQ??? Please and thank you!!!

Our first one of the season, and we can't wait! Beer, bourbon and BBQ!? What living creature on Earth wouldn't be happy about that? Or at least about 1 of those three...I'm all about the BBQ personally! This weekend we will be venturing South to National Harbor, Maryland for the Beer, Bourbon and BBQ event this Friday and Saturday! We love this little town and this whole area, which has always shown our brand a lot of love and we can't thank them enough. We have met friends who feel like family from down there and we love seeing them every time we are in the area.

These events are filled with some awesome craft beers, specialty bourbons that are aged, maple infused, bacon flavored, fruity, whatever you can think of, and BBQ...Oh my goodness, BBQ! It's like heaven for a bbq can taste all kinds of sauces, and eat all sorts of yumminess. BBQ sauces, hot sauces, rubs...yum! Oh, I can feel my bellyache already from over indulging on the "pig candy"...Sorry of you're a vegetarian, but, I eat meat and love BBQ. Oh and did I mention the lovely ladies?

Think about it, people will be happy from the libations, even happier from the BBQ and then they get to meet us and hear what we are about! What a great place to get people in an even better mood and to inspire them to continue to feel that way after we and this wonderful event is over!  Sometimes, I REALLY LOVE what I do!

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