15 yr old student uses Fukitt as her English Final, scores a 100%!!!

Yup, you read that correctly! A 15 year old girl used Fukitt and our mission as her English final, and scored a 100%! First of all, we thank her mother, her directly and her English teacher for actually pronouncing the name of our company correctly! Most people say it the wrong way, okay, so it IS a play on words, and we want people to say the words most people think, because there is no other phrase like it, but, no matter what you say, our company is phonetically pronounced FOO-Kit.

We received an e mail from this young girls mother the other day about how her daughter used our company and our mission and support of suicide prevention as her English final and how the class who most never heard of us, were inspired and introduced to our company and mission... "Just thought I would share with you that my 15 year old used your company as her English final project on suicide prevention. Her class had never heard of you and neither had her teacher we absolutely love your clothing and what you stand for ... she got 100 on it and introduced you to a class of 30 keep up your amazing work" 

We can't be prouder of this young girl, her mother and her teacher for opening their minds and hearts and understanding that, well, for the most part, suicide is "taboo". No one really talks about it, at all...sad. Most teenagers don't want to talk to anyone, let alone their parents or friends about what's going on in their lives and unfortunately, a lot of times it's too late before anyone realizes there was a problem. With our clothing and mission to inspire people to live their lives with out regret, learn and move on, accept that bad things happen, but don't let it ruin your life or anyone else's, we hope to let teenagers, and everyone else out there know that WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!  With my husband loosing one of his brothers to suicide, he knows first hand of the impact something like this has on everyone's lives. It's something I have become very passionate about and believe in, and am trying to prevent it any way possible. So if it's through a sticker, t shirt or wristband, anything, we're there to help.

We are reaching out to this girls mother to see if there might be chance we can get in touch with the English teacher and go to the school and talk to the kids about suicide and Fukitt's mission. If not, we are still going to send a thank you and some small gifts to each child in the class. We cannot thank her enough for what this brave young girl did, and I hope that maybe 1 other child in her class, or her teacher for that matter, was inspired and spread the word about what Fukitt is and what we stand for, and might be able to help someone out who's in a bad place and thinking of "getting out". 

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