Love lost...?? Probably not...

Okay, so you all know by now what our company stands for and that we try to motivate people to live their lives without regret right? Right. So, the other day I was faced with a sad friend who had recently broken up with her boyfriend of almost a year. She left him over numerous reasons, and it was time. But, all in all, she is sad about it and I had to console her and talk her through it, and remind her that's she's super duper awesome, and Mr. Right will come along when she least expects it and love every cell in her body, as any good friend would do. (He's not a bad guy, just not right for her).

At events I talk to people all the time who have gone through horrible things, such as a really bad divorce, or break up, or terrible accident, or a fatal illness, etc., and I always remind then, that, well, it COULD be worse. Remember, someone, somewhere, woke up in a worse situation then you did today. Someone, somewhere, lost someone who was part of their lives for a very long time, someone, somewhere was deceived far worse than you could ever imagine, yet you think your situation is the worst ever, someone, somewhere, is far more hurting than you are, someone, somewhere, woke up in pain, alone, hungry, jobless, homeless, I can go on and on...basically, someone, somewhere, wishes they woke up as YOU. 

It is at times like these that I really LOVE what I do and what this amazing company is about. Something as simple as a t-shirt with a positive statement on it, along with our "play on words" company name, really inspires people and motivates them to accept what has happened or is happening and move on, move forward, and learn. 

So to my sad friend, and everyone else out there, here's a few quotes from our t shirts for you..."Let go of the Past", "It Could Always be Worse", and "Love Every Moment".... 

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