AC Beer Fest this weekend!! Woohoo!!!


Okay guys and all probably know the drill for this coming weekend at the Atlantic City Beer Fest   ( but in case you don't, let me fill you in on what you'll be missing if you do not attend...

This will be our 4th year attending this event, and we're super excited about it again. This festival is filled with loads of fun! Friday, our day will be started off with loading the truck up and waiting on our friends to meet us at our casa, and we make or journey South about 50 minutes to Atlantic City. We all arrive at the AC Convention Center, drive in and unload and start setting up. Usually the ladies go and check into the hotel quickly, drop off the vehicles and rush back to finish the set up. At this time, beer usually begins to flow, I mean it IS a Beer Fest! It's probably around 4-5 pm, and we're almost ready for the crowd of craziness to begin. All 3 sessions this year are completely sold out. If you've never been to this event and you like beer or simply a great time, this is the place to be!

There are tons of different beers, microbrews, big name beers, seasonal beers, homemade beers, all for the tasting, and a lot to purchase to bring home if you love it! A lot of the beers at this fest are hard to come by, made in small batches and brews you've never heard of! Tasting all of them is a lot of fun! Beef jerkey? Sure why not! There are loads of this delicious treat everywhere for sale, mostly made by mom and pop type  places, usually homemade and one better than the next! BBQ? YUP, and gourmet pizza..yup, seafood, yup, cupcakes, and sweet treats, yup, AC Beer Fest has all that too! And then they have US! The fun loving, inspiring crew at Fukitt. There are not a lot of clothing vendors at this event, probably only a small handful, and by the end of each session, it's a sea of Fukitt hats and bags walking around the place! Oh wait..did I mention MUSIC? There is live music all throughout the event! Tons of bands playing and keeping the vibe up and pumping!

After Friday night's session is over, we all make out way back to the hotel, grab a bite, and SLEEP! Tomorrow is going to be insanity!

Saturday, we wake up late, eat an amazing greasy breakfast somewhere, load up on coffee and get ready for round 2 and 3! Same thing in these rounds but usually slightly more crazy, because these people rested up from their work week and are on a mission! We see bachelor and bachelorette parties, special birthday parties, groups dressed in crazy costumes, "teams" with matching outfits..this is so much fun! First session, these guys are early starters, and get their buzz on and then spend the rest of their night probably in AC gambling and having a blast! The second session on Saturday is filled with insanity and the late nighters who slept all day, and have a focus on drinking a lot and then going to party in the beautiful crazy city of AC.

AC has always shown us a lot of love, not only for our clothing line and our mission, but for our team of wonderful people who always help us out at this event. We look forward to a great weekend of responsible fun, spreading our word and mission to remind people to live life without regret!

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