Guns...a little off my usual topics, but here goes...

Guns...everyone has their opinion about them, and I'm not looking for comments, either way, nor am I trying to convince anyone of anything... I'm just putting out my personal opinion. 

Growing up in a family where Grandpa was a military sharpshooter and as a civilian, he taught the police force shooting and handling and competed in shooting events, we, meaning my entire family, have always shot guns. Me personally since I was about 8 years old. Back then it was a small caliber rifle, like a 22, something I could handle. Grandpa had a shooting range in his basement, about 30 yards long and every time we would visit, which was about once a week, we would all go down and shoot together. 

Now, let me explain, that we were first taught everything about the guns. Respect was key! Proper handling, loading, cleaning, aiming, etc. THEN we were allowed to fire. It became a sport and competition to see who could hit the "bullseye". Everyone in the house usually, at some point in the day would go down and shoot, mostly for bragging rights or to shut someone up who was bragging too much about how well they did. It was a family doing a sport together like most families. Ours just included firearms and paper targets. Some families play basketball, baseball, football, or golf, whatever.

Being that I'm a grown woman, married with a home and a business, I decided that it was time for me to own my own gun and stop shooting Grandpa's and Dad's. (I don't think my father owned his own gun until he was about my age either..weird...) I've gotten very good with my aim on their guns, all of them for that matter, but it was time for me to make friends with my own. So, with that said, my husband and I went and applied, and got our firearms purchaser ID card and handgun permits. (Strangely enough the 2nd Amendment is the only one wherein it is necessary to get approved to purchase and have a permit to use, but whatever..just stating a fact..I don't believe that EVERYONE should be able to own or purchase a gun, at all)! On my 39th birthday, I was cleared and approved! It was a good day!  

We live about 10 miles from a firing range, so we went over there, took a class (yes, even though I'm knowledgeable, took a class...this is a very dangerous weapon, one can never be too careful), rented a few different handguns to get a feel for which I liked, and then made a purchase. We fired about 200 rounds and got better with each one at hitting the target. It felt good considering it was several years since I took aim at a target, and was still pretty damn accurate! My husband having never fired a gun, was of course being a man and had to try to out shoot me, did very well for his first time! On a little side note, while at the range, there were much older people there, middle age folks, and there was also a man and his son who could have been no more than 8-10 years old, and he was teaching him how to shoot a small rifle and how to handle it. It was nice to see this kid being taught respect for the weapon he was holding like I was when I was his age. I believe he was teaching him for hunting, which is something I don't personally do. Not my thing, but I'm not against people who do it with respect and eat the animal. For sport, I disapprove. But that's neither here nor there.

I walked out of the gun range, proud and confident and happy with my purchase.(I can't wait to buy a different type..not yet, but I'm going to). I've named her Cinderella, she and I are going to become great friends and we are going to shoot dead center targets together for many years. Our guns are safely locked in a hidden safe, where they should be. Don't get me wrong, it's nice knowing we have them in our home for protection, but I never want to have to take Cinderella out of her safe unless I'm going to the range for some target practice.

I think if more people were knowledgeable and respected guns, and their ability and knew how to handle them, store them, etc., the World just might be a safer place.  I am in no way advocating people to go out and try to get your permit and purchase a gun. I am just saying what I have done and why. People ask me why and have their opinion as to why I should or shouldn't.  I not a big fan of golf (sorry to my father in law who adores it), I think it's a silly sport..hit a tiny ball really hard, really far, hope you find it, then hope it gets in a tiny hole, then do it 17 more times?! I'm not going to try to tell someone they shouldn't play it. It's a sport people love, which is the same as shooting. It IS an Olympic event, golf hasn't yet made it's way there yet has it? Nope!

But in the end, let me just finish with this: Guns don't kill people. A loaded gun sitting by itself isn't going to jump up and harm someone. Irresponsible people do. Guns should be treated with extreme care, respect, and stored and handled properly. Especially if you have children at home. Children shouldn't even know you have guns in the house. To this day I don't know where Grandpa or Dad kept theirs. They always seemed to appear, then they were gone! So have your opinion, whether it be pro or against, but either way, whichever your opinion, this is mine, and I have no problem sleeping at night knowing we have guns in our home. They aren't going to jump out of their safe, load themselves and shoot anyone!

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